Ganesha Rangoli

Nowadays Akshara wants to do whatever Vidhya does, started with the diya painting upto the traditional “kolam” outside the house. So, Vidhya gave her the colour and a free hand! After some time, Akshara calls us to have a look at the rangoli. We look at it and comment, “what have you scribbled”? She replied “Oh, it is a Ganesha!”
The influence of modern Ganeshas!

Ganesha Rangoli Kolam

Ganesha Rangoli Kolam

5th Birthday Party

Akshara’s birthday fell on a Friday this year. So, we had a small cake cutting event on her actual birthday. Santosh was the special guest!

5th birthday party
5th birthday party at home

The following day, we had her official birthday party. This time, we had a kids party with the theme of Princesses and Pirates. We started off with the Princess theme but later realised that the guys might not relish this idea. So, we hooked on the pirates part.

Princess and Pirate themed birthday party

Akshara wanted a princess cake with as many princesses on it as possible!

princess theme birthday cake
princess theme birthday cake

The kids played darts and also a variant of musical chair. The older kids helped in ensuring that the little ones were not wandering off :-)

princess and pirate birthday party
princess and pirate birthday party

The princess and the pirate concept helped as it was fun to see the guys chasing the girls and the girls too getting on to the act as if they were real princesses in trouble!

princess and pirate themed birthday party