Enna koduma sir idhu

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    I want my chellaams photos in full size now. 🙂

  2. Ajitha says:

    Very cute photo!! Looks like she is asking God something 😉

  3. Senthil Ponnuraj says:

    We were waiting for this moment to see her..

    Sanjay and Kiruba were chanting her name many times…

  4. Jacob George says:

    The photo suggests ( at least to me ) that she is a very good singer and is expressing her thoughts in Karnatic style singing 🙂

  5. Nitin Jadia says:

    She looks amazing.

    Congratulations Vidhya & Rajaram on being parents now. enjoy your sleepless nights now on 🙂

    Well Rajaram you can thanks the chines guy for predicting it correctly :).

    The next big fight will be who she looks like You or Vidhya.
    My Opnion she look slike Vidhya (thanks God for this) Sorry Rajaram

  6. rashmi sunil gururaj says:

    she is looking cute with the drushti bottu and also with lots of bangles.

  7. Sridevi Karthik says:

    Congratulations Vidhya and Rajaram!!

  8. Lalitha Singh says:

    Congrats Vidhya and Rajaram. Welcome to world of endless diapers and less sleep.. you seem well prepared. 🙂
    She looks absolutely adorable.. with u as the father that is quite a miracle Vidhya seems to have managed!! please convey my special wishes to her.

  9. Bindu & Revati says:

    Akshara is Very Cute……

    Our Hearty Congratulations to both of you on becoming proud parents…!

    We must appreciate the way Rajaram narrated the story of Akshara’s arrival. We felt as if we witnessed this if we were in Cyprus.

    Wishes Once Again….!

    Needless to say…we will be looking for more photos of Akshara in this website..!

  10. Thushara says:

    She is so cute….congratulations Vidhya and Rajaram…And welcome Akshara baby to the cute little girls gang……take care….

  11. Kailasa Mama Thatha says:

    It looks like Akshara is wondering whether she should register for IIT-JEE coaching or medical entrance coaching at Chennai during summer holidays!

  12. Pradeepthi says:

    Akshara is looking Cho Chweet and so as the name..:-)

    Congratulations vidhya and rajaram….Welcome to the parents club…Njoy the journey..

    Vidhya u need to start buying matching stuff for the kiddo from now-on.. as you buy for yourself 🙂

  13. Anu says:

    Akshara looks wonderful. But I still cant guess whom she resembles the most. Dad, mom says she is more like vidhya !
    Look forward to see more of her pictures 🙂
    Aditi says hi to Akshara and is asking me when she will meet her !

  14. ganesh thatha says:

    Kutti Ponnu
    We are longing to c u ma.We have been waiting all these years to c u.Come fast on the 11th and give us moments of joy, pleasure and happiness.

  1. September 24, 2008

    […] it just takes her a few minutes and some convolutions to break free and go back to her “God save me” […]

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