Akshara in a traditional pattu pavadai chattai

Something other than a body-suit for a change! Akshara was dressed up in a traditional pavadai chattai (frock and top for non-tamilians!) for the thottil ceremony. I guess that this must have been the change-over dress before/after the actual ceremony. I stand corrected. This was the dress Akshara wore when she was first taken from Vidhya’s house to my house. This pattu pavadai was gifted to Akshara by  Vidhya’s Athai, who had stitched it herself. But the “Ah! girls” holds good, as it seems that lot of preparation went into this exercise along with a photo session…

Update: It’s been 2 months since Akshara got her pattu pavadai. Now it was laya’s (Akshara’s cousin!) turn for a pattu pavadai. Akshara got a chance to try it out too.

More photos of Akshara in traditional attire (during Navratri) here.

5 thoughts on “Akshara in a traditional pattu pavadai chattai

  1. Akshara is looking very cute in this traditional dress,and she looks like a big girl.last time i saw her she was soo small.waiting to see u all(especially Akshara)

  2. YOu daughter is looking very cute. While seeing you daughter with this dress, I remember my daughther with the same pattu pavadai and also with the same colour on her first year birthday. I am also an Tamilian. Unga papa romba alaga iruka!

  3. You baby is cute! Pattu pavadais have always been something that Indian women crave for.

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