How to prevent kids from watching TV?

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3 Responses

  1. Anu says:

    you have to stop watching the tv !!!

  2. swetha says:

    hi dear Akshara ,akshu might have take presuppose to watch tv .she is prevailing her knowledge to show everyone.the word ‘tele ‘means distance and vision means viewing and television is distant viewing so in the name itself says should be viewed with some sort of distance. they both (akshu & laya )might be very distraught to know in and around the world..see the important thing is not so much that every babe / child to be taught , as they every babe /child should be given a wish to learn . for eg if she leaves school , knowing much but hating lessons will soon have forgotten almost all she ever learned ;while another who had acquired a thirst of knowledge like (u both )even if she had learnt little would soon teach herself more than she ever knew.they are by nature ,eager for information.they are always putting questions . this ought to be encouraged it seems. in fact we may , to a great extent , trust to her instincts and in that case , they will do much to educate themselves.
    here i conclude that i was no doubt her involvement does not end here , on the other hand it begins now .ofcourse she is not doing any messy things she is mesmerize the tv completely and even akshu can pass any info sometime in the future to babe laya. in future even they (akshu & laya )both will give mellifluous things .continue your doughty things dear babe but she wont do any .take care love u swetha

  3. Gina says:

    kyra would do the exact same thing. soon i wouldnt switch off the tv when she was around & stopped turning her away from the tv. slowly she realized that it isnt much fun doing something that others dont stop you from doing!!

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