2 kids, 1 photograph, infinite attempts

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  1. mani says:

    interesting 🙂 very good fotos… i sincerely hope that these fotos are real and not just a result of you photo editing skils 😉

  2. Puneeth says:

    Nice story!

  3. anu says:

    OMG, i had such a good laugh..really sweet pics…

  4. swetha says:

    HI DEAR AKSHARA AND LAYA ………We’ve all seen the gorgeous baby pictures in which professional photographers (like you Anna) seem to always have the perfect poses when taking pictures of babies. It never fails that the professional photographers seem to have a knack for taking those photos that have grown ups all over going gaga and doing a little drooling over their own..Once Akshasra and laya has reached the milestone of holding her head up on her own you will find that there are a few more options when it comes to creating great poses. The problem with posing at this point is that babies are more mobile than ever, which spells disaster for most planned poses. At this stage I seriously recommend a camera that can take shots of a baby on the move.From the time they both has reached a state of mobility whether it be rolling over, crawling, or walking you will constantly need to be aware of the fact that every pose is subject to their approval. This means that a good many of them will not last very long. The truth of the matter is however, that once babies has begun moving and developing a personality of their own, you will find that they creates plenty of poses that are most definitely photo worthy of his own volition. In fact, I would be willing to bet that most of those pictures that win baby photo contests are natural. Ah ah ah …don’t waste your worrying over taking the ‘perfect’ picture or finding the ‘perfect’ pose. Akshara and Laya will provide you with some brilliant poses of their own. .KEEP ROCKING ANNA

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