About this blog

Akshara Rajaram was born to Rajaram Sethuraman (thats me) and Vidhya Ganesh on 23rd August 2008 in Limassol, Cyprus. Today’s in-thing seems to be a blog for the child as soon as he/she is born. So, keeping in tune with the trend, I have also created one. But, i have registered a domain rather than a regular blogspot blog. Inspired by Ravi Bala’s (colleague at Amdocs) website for his daughter Meghavarshini , I too decided to plunge the wordpress way. This was totally new to me, as the two years i have spent on numerous blogs have always been on the blogger platform.

I hope to wrote very often on this site about my wonderful experiences as a father to Akshara and the journey of life which we shall undetake together!