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Akshara Rajaram was born to Rajaram Sethuraman (thats me) and Vidhya Ganesh on 23rd August 2008 in Limassol, Cyprus. Today’s in-thing seems to be a blog for the child as soon as he/she is born. So, keeping in tune with the trend, I have also created one. But, i have registered a domain rather than a regular blogspot blog. Inspired by Ravi Bala’s (colleague at Amdocs) website for his daughter Meghavarshini , I too decided to plunge the wordpress way. This was totally new to me, as the two years i have spent on numerous blogs have always been on the blogger platform.

I hope to wrote very often on this site about my wonderful experiences as a father to Akshara and the journey of life which we shall undetake together!

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  1. Dear Akshara

    Welcome into this world! World is a creation of one’s own mind! It will be beautiful and very enjoyable, if our approach is right! As you grow older, adopt the right approach to the world and life & you will enjoy it much more than others do. Just learn the trick while you are growing! You are looking very sweet and promising!

    Ayushmati Bhava!

    Kailasa Mama Thatha


  2. My first letter to a little angel 🙂

    Wondering of this newcomer in your space ??!!
    Hey Akshu (enjoying a nap in your cozy new room after a spa treatment by patti?? ) C’mon wake up.
    This is your maami (Proud !! I feel crowned). I feel exhilarated in welcoming you to this beautiful world sweeto !!

    For these days, only patti, amma and appa would have pampered you, guess from Oct 11th you will be in so many new hands of your kith and kins.

    And yes, a glad new for you. In a couple of days you will be meeting your new chum. (boy or girl ??!! Gosh, no clue here). Puzzled ?? why all these write-ups? Will tell you. When you reminisce all these after a span of years, I swear you will feel really really wonderful.

    Come soon to enjoy the festive gala with loads of new people, colors, lot new lullabies and bundle of surprises. 🙂

    See you soon kiddo. Your mama too is so anxious to see you.

    Luv maami 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. Between the sips of Tea and bites of delicious crispies, I came across Aksharuma’s webpage and I was really floored by the new update “Akshara watching television”.

    It was interesting and made me poke in as Laya(my daughter) also has become a great fan of “Idiot Box”. I am trying hard to keep this tiny viewer away from it but it was all damp squibs. She is more attracted towards the confusing array of colours, images and sounds from TV than her play gym or rattle makes.She even melts down when the screen goes dark.

    Initially I was bovine bothered about this but being so vetti(Vetti-Idle(for non-tamilians)) at home made me google the topic “Infants watching TV”.

    My surfing was not futile and keeping infants off the TV is not a Sisyphean task. Here it comes….

    It says it is highly recommended to curb child’s TV consumption as a child’s brain is very sensitive before age 2. It’s still developing neural connections and growing in size.Because of this sensitivity,it is important for babies to have a lot of interactive simulation to learn and develop. But I contend the TV don’t provide this stimulation.

    I was popped up with a question, So should all TV viewing be forbidden for young children???

    Yes.As I said earlier,children under 2 years should not watch any television and this can be done by parents spending the time with their baby(Baby Talk) by engaging in interactive activities that TV can’t provide.Physical and social interaction allows babies to pick up subtle cues that help language development.

    Oooohh. Here I conclude,

    Parent-Child Interaction is more important at any age,but its even more important for babies and that’s something a SCREEN can’t replace.

  4. hi..

    don’t know how i came across but some how i did. i was really .. hmmm what should i say shocked or surprised.. ill go with surprised.. k.. i was really surprised to see a blog/registered domain. This idea is so cool. I really admire it. Awesome work.. and my best wishes for “akshara” to come out with flying colors through out her life, in what ever she does.

  5. As many have mentioned I accidentally landed her e when trying to search for pattu pavadais (??) for my cutie pie . Awesome work guys , I have 22 month old daughter and we just registered a domain to build a site for her. Great motivation looking at sites like urs . Akshara is a sweetheart . Keep up the good work .

  6. I am so surprised to see a blog like this..really superb.. akshara is a gift to you…akshara is really so cute…god bless her with lots of happiness.. my daughter is 5 months old.. could you please let me know to create a blog like this.. am eager to create blog for my daughter “Sanjana”.. like akshara she nicely pose for the photos.vidhya akka also look good..
    one of the best photo in the 1 year birthday clock invite. the photo where she lifts a leg.. cute:-)

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