Why a FAQ page for a kid’s blog, you must be wondering! Yes, it is true, FAQs are usually written for a product or a service so that you don’t need to assign resources to answer the same question over and over again. Well, that is the exactly the purpose of this page here. Even in the case of Akshara, there are a set of questions which are like, have to be asked by people. So, I am saving myself the trouble of trying to innovate and give a different answer each time. So, if you even get an iota of doubt that the question you are about to ask would be one which has been asked by every generation ever to welcome a new child, STOP and then come over to this page to quench your curiosity!

  • For the uninitiated, What do you mean by FAQ?
    • FAQ, to be pronounced F-A-Q and not to be read as a word (which might be heard differently) stands for Frequently Asked Questions
  • How did you choose the name Akshara?
    • I wrote a computer program which would generate all permutations and combinations of the 26 alphabets ranging from 3 to 12 characters in length (Anything less than 3 could be misconstrued as being Chinese in origin and anything more than 12 would always make Akshara win the longest name contest in Queen of Sheeba). Then, from the generated gigabytes of data, i randomly chose one! Seriously speaking, if you want to know how we ended up with Akshara, read this post. If you have a baby and are yet to choose a name, this post about all the factors you should consider before choosing a name might help.
  • What does Akshara mean?
    • Good Question. To be honest, we didn’t even bother about the possible meanings of Akshara before we finalized the name. All we knew was that Akshar meant “Alphabet” in Sanskrit/Hindi. On 14th September, there was a mail to our BITSian yahoogroup announcing the arrival of Akshara Amudhan! Well, one of my batchmates in BITS had also decided to name his daughter Akshara. Then, he sent a mail to me explaining the meaning of the word Akshara. Some excerpts: Akshara is the Sanskrit term for what can be roughly translated as a letter in alphabet. It also refers to the basic unit of sound that is syllable. It derives its name from the fact that the first letter of this varnamala (alphabet) is ‘a’ and the last is ‘ksha’. Combining these two characters, one gets the term akshara which is used to denote the all letters in entire varnamala. Akshara also means something that does not have an end – that which is eternal.  In Sanskrit, Shara means destruction and Akshara means that which can be indestructible/imperishable.
  • Who does Akshara resemble/look like?
    • I hope that Akshara develops a personality of her own and doesn’t end up as a motley of all her ancestors. I am not very good at identifying and classifying the way people look. I was never good in Fuzzy Logic and Chaos Theory. But, as far as Vidhya’s mom’s eye goes, it seems Akshara seems to resemble my dad and my paternal grandma a lot and that she does not  have  much from Vidhya. Well, i am yet to decide whether there is something to rejoice about the last part of the above conclusion!

More updates as and when questions become more frequent!